Game Project: Thermogame

In Thermogame, the thermodynamic states of water are seen as a three-dimensional landscape in a minimalist abstract universe. In this world, players solve puzzles by moving a yellow ball to a goal using the least number of moves. To do this, they add energy in the form of heat or work while constraining on one particular attribute such as volume or entropy.

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Known Major Issues: See

Older Versions

  • 0.0.2 – Fall 2013 (Play Online)
    • Driving Mechanic
    • Completely Rebuilt
  • 0.0.1 – Fall 2013 Playtest version (Install for iOS / Play Online)
    • You need to be online to login to the game.
    • Constant Pressure calculations in the liquid region are incorrect.
    • Game progress is only saved on the same device.
    • If a second person uses the same computer the first player’s progress will be lost.

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Funding: National Science Foundation – Transforming Undergraduate Education. Original Application
Subject Expert: John Pfotenhauer, Engineering
Producer / Designer: David Gagnon
Lead Developer / Level Designer: Toussaint Minett
Thermodynamics Simulation Implementation: Mike Litzkow, Toussaint Minett
Game Design Consultant / Sound and Music Design: Nathan McKenzie, IceCreamBreakfast
Sean McMullin: Game Design / Graphic Design
Evaluator: Christine Pribbenow, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
Project Assistants: Chris Blakesley, Sally Jolles
And special thanks to Allison Salmon, Kevin Alford and Greg Vaughn over at the Learning Games network for helping us think about working in unity and research data storage.