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Month: March 2014

MLI article about Scaling Augmented Reality just published

Tech Trends

Our team just finished a collaborative article with Kurt Squire of the Games+Learning+Society research center and Seann Dikkers, a UW Alum and Associate Prof. at Ohio University.

“Participatory Scaling Through Augmented Reality Learning Through Local Games”

The proliferation of broadband mobile devices, which many students bring to school with them as mobile phones, makes the widespread adoption of AR pedagogies a possibility, but pedagogical, distribution, and training models are needed to make this innovation an integrated part of education, This paper employs Social Construction of Technology (SCOT) to argue for a participatory model of scaling by key stakeholders groups (students, teachers, researchers, administrators), and demonstrates through various cases how ARIS ( — a free, open-source tool for educators to create and disseminate mobile AR learning experiences — may be such a model.

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UW Mobile Learning Incubator Chapter featured in new book

MLI Researchers David Gagnon, Breanne Litts and Garrett Smith worked with colleague Chris Holden (University of New Mexico) to produce a book chapter about scaling augmented reality through an open source approach. The chapter describes ARIS, a free tool for creating mobile learning experiences, which was originally developed by the Games+Learning+Society research group and DoIT ENGAGE program. As of March 2014, ARIS has gathered over 20,000 users and the support of institutions such as the MacArthur Foundation, The Pearson Foundation, the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Initiative and the Minnesota Historical Society. The chapter outlines the story of how the software was developed so that experimentation with mobile learning design could be distributed among an international community of users and decentralize the maintenance of the software. The book is available from Amazon, Barns & Noble and various other book sellers.

IGN Chapter First Page

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Book Cover

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