Help for Developers

Figuring out where to enter the mobile space can be daunting. Do you invest time making your websites and web applications mobile-enabled? Or do you start developing apps? If you choose to develop apps, which platform should you begin with? And where — and in what format — will the data to drive those apps come from?

The mobile space is indeed a whole new world when it comes to development. But it’s only going to grow in importance, and it offers many new, exciting opportunities for anyone who does web and application development.

The UW Mobility initiative aspires to foster a campus community of mobile developers that benefit from collaboration, knowledge-sharing and access to open-data services.

App Development and Deployment

Do you need to develop apps for Apple or Android platforms, or deploy apps to the app stores? Access to Apple and Google app development and deployment resources is provided to UW—Madison departments and faculty, staff, and students free of charge. For more information or to be added to any program, contact us.

Apple — iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), macOS (Mac), tvOS (Apple TV), watchOS (Apple Watch), iMessage

Google — Android

Need more information, or ready to be added to a program? Contact us.


CS 407 — There’s a class for that
Computer Science 407, Foundations of Mobile Systems and Applications, focuses on mobile development.

Campus Resources

iOS Developer Mailing List
For individuals at UW–Madison working on iOS development.

Internet of Things Systems Research Center
The IoT Systems Research Center brings together multidisciplinary researchers and leading companies to engage in thought leadership, breakthrough research, hands-on investigation and knowledge-sharing activities. Our aim is to foster deeper understanding, accelerated innovation and development, and successful deployment and adoption of IoT.

Field Day Lab
Based at the Wisconsin Center for Educational Reserach at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, we are a truly interdisciplinary team of educational researchers, software engineers, artists, and storytellers, exploring the intersection of current learning science and media design, specializing in mobile media, video games, and simulation. Seeking to do what’s never been done before, we constantly innovate, play, take risks, and mess-make.

Games Learning Society
GLS investigates how games engage, enrich, and transform. We then design great games based on this research.